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Korean Home Cooking

Korean Home Cooking

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Elegantly simple, big on flavour and strong on comfort, these family favourites with step-by-step instructions make an ideal introduction to Korean cooking at your place.

For lovers of all things Korean comes the ideal step-by-step entry point to recreating your favourite dishes at home.

Welcome to Korean Home Cooking, where the food isn't complicated but there is an art and tradition in its arrangement. Combining several small dishes allows for a constant flow of people at the table, and a bright array of colours and flavours. Start with traditional, simple and tasty family recipes such as Kimchi Fried Rice, Bibimbap and Pork Bulgolgi, and stay for the opportunity to learn new skills, like fermenting your own pickles, and creating classic stews, soups and your own Korean barbecue. Enjoy this rich resource of authentic family recipes to help you create delicious Korean meals at home.

About the Author

Jina Jung was born in Seoul, Korea. She developed her cooking skills with her grandmother and mother, and through her experiences as a cook and caterer in Korea as well as in France, where she has lived since 2010. For many years, she has been focused on sharing her knowledge of Korean cuisine with people all around the world. Respect for authentic flavours and the conviviality of sharing meals are the core values of Jina's food. She shares her recipes and culture in the media and on YouTube at Jay's KFOOD.

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