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Tommys Margarita Mixer

Tommys Margarita Mixer

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Tommys Margarita Mixer by Sipps.
750ML, 10 SERVES

The Tommy’s Margarita Mixer is our take on the classic.

We’ve kept things simple with only 3 ingredients and no nasties. Our limes are as local as it gets and agave is a natural sweetener that pairs perfectly with tequila.

With 10 serves per bottle all that’s left to do is mix 75ml of SIPPS and 45ml of your go-to tequila, shake with ice and cheers ya mate!

Lime Juice, Agave Syrup, Filtered Water (we’re not kidding, that’s it)

Tommy is not a crazy Uncle, it's the name given to Margarita's made purely from lime juice, agave and tequila.

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