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Rainbow Towel Sorbet

Rainbow Towel Sorbet

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Rainbow Towel Sorbet by Mayde Towels.

The best selling Rainbow towel may not be as lightweight as its cousins, but its popularity is proof- thin is not always in... and now it's also available in a gorgeous shade of pastels reminiscent of a delicious lemon sorbet.

Soft, plush and made from 100% Buldan cotton (a cotton plant native to the Buldan region of Turkey), it's the perfect compliment to anyones home or lifestyle. 

It also makes an ideal gift for those that don't mind a bit of a colour splash.

The Rainbow Sorbet - (almost) good enough to eat.   


This premium beach towel is...

Made using Oeko-Tex® certified yarn

100% Buldan Cotton - Made in Turkey

100cm x 150cm

Colour: Sorbet (pastel pink/yellow/blue)

Weight: 750g

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