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Grandparents - Hardcover Book

Grandparents - Hardcover Book

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Grandparents, through the eyes of Frankie and Phil. 

We all know Grandparents are Special but through the eyes of Frankie & Phil they are Superhuman, Heros, Talented and Loved.

Frankie & Phil share with humour and imagination their perception of how awesome they see their grandparents.

A Rhyming Book both Grandparent and Child will enjoy!!


This book was written by Karen Bilton, the Aunty of Britney, our owner. 

Comment by Brit "It's a really nice feeling being able to support my Aunty and introduce her book to a wider audience. It's such a beautiful and honest book that children love, especially my two little ones, Charlie and Vera. My aunty really encapulates how kids see their grandparents and the special bond they have in this book" 

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