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Clam Shell Balinese Mango

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Clam Shell Orange, Manara Home. Balinese Mango Scent. Add a bit of nature to your home with the Clam Shell candle lightly scented in a mouthwatering fragrance. Dimensions: 9cm x 7cm x 5cm. Each candle is handmade so colour, scent and appearance may vary slightly.  Your candle may come with some small white marks known as 'frosting', which is a completely natural and a very common effect of soy wax. Frosting is barely noticeable, but we recommend you check Manara Home website for more details on this if you are worried. Our candles are designed to be decorative, however if you do decide to light them please read our candle guide first on Manara Home Website. All candles are 100% vegan and plastic free. 

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